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HUG :D by NikoLeeKun HUG :D :iconnikoleekun:NikoLeeKun 1 2
Don't Ever Leave Again
Don’t Ever Leave Again
I’ll never forget it. The one moment I will remember for the rest of my life.
I was standing at the window of 221B Baker Street, drinking tea, just where HE had stood so many times. I had seen him stand in this exact spot, drinking the same tea, from the same cup. I missed him more than I could possibly voice. After the funeral 3 years previous, after the worst day of my life, Mrs. Hudson had kindly lowered the rent of 221B, tears in her eyes as she said, “I couldn’t imagine that flat with someone new in it John, you must stay.”. I was paying her what I could, I helped around the building. At the end of the day, really any time of day when I wasn’t working or sleeping, or lying catatonic on the sofa, I stood here, at this window drinking tea. Just like he had. Watching passersby on the street just as he would. But, I didn’t see what he would have seen, in fact I barely saw anything at all beyond the window pane. I couldn'
:iconnikoleekun:NikoLeeKun 33 49
Mature content
Missing ch 8 :iconnikoleekun:NikoLeeKun 8 14
Mature content
Missing ch 7 :iconnikoleekun:NikoLeeKun 8 25
Missing ch 6
After hours of arguing the doctors finally agreed to allow Tony to go home and rest there. They insisted he take a wheelchair and a bag full of bandages and antiseptic for the wound on his leg and his surgical incisions. They spent 3 hours teaching Steve all they could to be able to properly take care of Tony. Being very concerned and wanting to do all he could to help Steve took notes and wrote down the prescription and painkiller schedules and which pills were to be taken with what. Finally he could go home. Tony was ecstatic! He couldn't stand hospitals. He hated everything about them. He'd much rather be at home in his own bed. He'd rather get some alone time with Steve, there was a lot unsaid between them.
Steve lifted him gently out of the car and carried him bridal style in the door as Natasha and Thor came out to get the rest of Tony's things. Steve held the elevator and they all climbed in, pressing the button to the communal kitchen/recreational floor everyone spent time toge
:iconnikoleekun:NikoLeeKun 6 40
Mature content
Missing ch 5 :iconnikoleekun:NikoLeeKun 5 26
Missing ch 4
Thor dragged Jeremiah out of the building, one large hand wrapped around both of the man’s thin wrists, shoving him along in front of him. The dark look in his eyes betrayed the hate he felt for this man who had bound and beaten one of his best friends. No real man would have made his foe defenseless before fighting him. A real man would have fought him without such cowardly measures, in a real fight. Thor squeezed his wrists tighter, feeling them grind together in his palm, ignoring the hiss of pain with silent satisfaction. He earned another hiss of pain as he squeezed one last time, allowing the SHIELD agents outside to wrap steel cuffs around the prisoner's wrists instead. He was quickly shoved into the back of the SUV the Avengers had arrived in, guarded on all sides as they watched the helicopter take off, flying their friends to safety.
It was almost an hour before the second and third aircraft came to collect all who had been left behind. The car, being fairly damaged was
:iconnikoleekun:NikoLeeKun 5 28
Mature content
Missing ch 3 :iconnikoleekun:NikoLeeKun 7 22
Mature content
Missing Ch. 2 :iconnikoleekun:NikoLeeKun 6 22
Missing ch1
    He’s gone. He’s really missing. Without his suit. He’s not in the lab. He’s not in the living room, his bedroom, the kitchen, the office, or the gym. He’s not answering his phone and nobody has seen him all day.  It’s been hours since he had started to worry and now everyone else was worried too. But they weren’t DOING anything! They figured he was drunk, out somewhere trying to pick up loose women. But Steve knew better, Tony wouldn’t do that... Not to him. But no one else knew that. They didn’t know Tony like he did, didn’t know what he was like when no one else was around, when he was alone with Steve. He was sweet, caring, and insecure. With Steve he smiled, a real smile, he really laughed and loved and cried. Nobody else knew how they felt, they thought it would be better if nobody knew about them until they were sure it would work out. It had been only a month, but they had been  Av
:iconnikoleekun:NikoLeeKun 9 8
Waking Alone
    It was too bright as Loki stretched and reached out, feeling nothing but cold, empty sheets. Opening his eyes and looking around an intense panic gripped him and drenched him in a cold sweat. He was alone. They had left him, the only people he had dared to love. They were gone. What was left for him now? Surely they had grown tired of his broken mind, had lost their patience with his jealousy and insecurity. They had seen how unfixable and useless he was, surely. He had nothing left now. He was gripped with gut-wrenching despair and fear, what would he do now? He had nowhere else to go, no one else to go to. He had put all he had had left in this place, these people and he had been abandoned. Alone in a cold bed, used and abandoned.
    He could barely breathe for the anxiety and pain, curling in on himself with a sob. He clutched at his chest and heaved with silent cries. The pain was so intense he couldn't think straight any longer. There was only one thing left for him now. If t
:iconnikoleekun:NikoLeeKun 2 0
TATT WIP by NikoLeeKun TATT WIP :iconnikoleekun:NikoLeeKun 2 3
Mature content
Not as bad as it seemed (Gift for CanAm77) :iconnikoleekun:NikoLeeKun 5 8
Mature content
Low (Gift For CanAm77) :iconnikoleekun:NikoLeeKun 1 41
Mature content
S/L Watching 2 :iconnikoleekun:NikoLeeKun 33 56
The Musician 2
    The small coffee shop they had chosen was quiet, the few customers scattered over the small tables and intimate booths. Many had laptops, books, or school work, keeping to themselves and not noticing the two men who entered, smiling at some private joke, uttered previous to entering the building. The counter was clean, polished to a shine by a tired but content looking waitress. She smiled and nodded at them as they entered. "Good afternoon! I'll take you up here when you're ready!", She waved toward the well-stocked glass enclosed shelves offering a variety of pastries, tarts, cakes, sandwiches and a multitude of brightly colored sweets.
    "Some of the desserts are a bit.. sweet but the cakes and tarts are rather good." Tom nodded and motioned toward a plate holding several flavours of miniature cakes, "What would you like to try?". "I'm not sure, I definitely like sweets! But there are so many to choose from! What would you suggest?", Chr
:iconnikoleekun:NikoLeeKun 7 9


I'm so sorry I've been so inactive!! I've been so busy and all over the place I haven't gotten any prompts or anything done and I've barely been responding to people ( I'm going to post a couple pictures ive gotten done and start working on posting and talking more :) If you prompted or requested I promise I'll do them soon!! Feel free to harass me for your stuff xD

Thank you for all of your patience!!
Xoxoxoxoxoxo <3 Nicole :)



Nicole McLeod
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